Download the best and the most popular Unicode and ANSI Gujarati fonts for FREE. Our Gujarati fonts are supported on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating systems. In addition, get a link to Google Web fonts and use them on Websites by adding them either on CSS or JavaScript files.

How do I download and install Gujarati font?

Open the Windows Explorer and go to C:\Windows\Fonts directory. Then go to Control Panel, click on Fonts, click on "Install New Fonts" and finally go to the directory where you have downloaded and extracted the font file.

Select all the fonts and click ok. This will install the required fonts.

After installation, you should now be able to see the Gujarati fonts on Microsoft Word or any other program that support text processing

If you are unable to see the installed font, you might need to restart the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the difference between Unicode & ANSI Gujarati font?

Both ANSI and UTF-8 are encoding formats. ANSI is a Microsoft-related standard for character and it is used to encode Latin Alphabets. Whereas, UTF-8 is one of the implementations of Unicode that includes more than 128,000 characters.

What is Unicode?

Unicode is a universal character encoding standard. It defines how individual character is represented in web pages or any other types of text files and documents.

There are different types of Unicode encoding with UTF-8 and UTF-16 being the most common. The UTF-8 encoding is used on the Web and it is the default encoding standard used in many software programs.

UTF-8 Unicode encoding can support up to four bytes to represent characters. For English characters, UTF-8 uses only one byte. European (Latin), Hebrew, and Arabic characters are represented with two bytes. On the other hand, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other Asian characters are represented with three bytes. Some special characters are even represented with four bytes.

How can I type Gujarati on my keyboard?

To do this you need to first download ANSI fonts from one the link above. After this, you can open any text editor such as Microsoft Word, select Gujarati font you have downloaded earlier and start typing.

Typing in Gujarati can be difficult using a Roman keyboard. To help you with the mapping of Gujarati letters we have a keyboard layout. You can download this by visiting this link.

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